Extras to Equals

In an era dominated by social media and self-centered platforms, we increasingly encounter individuals who behave as if they are the focal point of the universe. These self-proclaimed stars disrupt public spaces and disregard basic courtesy.

When walking through a crowded corridor, you will inevitably encounter those who talk loudly, hogging the path as if it were their private domain. They maneuver through the crowds with little regard for those around them, leaving a trail of annoyance and frustration. It is as if they believe they are playing the leading role in a blockbuster film, relegating the rest of us to mere extras.

Their inconsideration goes beyond spatial intrusion. They blare music or videos on their devices without earphones, imposing their preferences on everyone else. Their actions assault our ears and violate our peace.

Whether on public transportation, in cafes, or parks, these self-centered individuals seem to forget that they share these spaces with others. They sing aloud, engage in speakerphone conversations, and act as if they are immune to the presence and feelings of those around them. They disregard common courtesy and respect.

We cannot allow these self-centered behaviors to become the norm. We must strive for a society that values empathy, consideration, and respect for others. We should encourage a culture where individuals recognize the impact of their actions on those around them and actively seek to coexist harmoniously.

Raising awareness and promoting better social norms are essential measures to foster equality. Schools, families, and communities must emphasize the importance of empathy and consideration from an early age, instilling values that promote equal treatment for all. Public spaces should establish and enforce guidelines that discourage disruptive behavior. By nurturing these principles, we can shape a generation that understands the importance of sharing public spaces respectfully and contributing positively to the collective experience.