Faith and Fortitude

People who truly know me say I am quiet, patient, and tolerant. My upbringing and training have instilled in me the virtues of forbearance and resilience. Furthermore, my faith emphasizes love and grace, guiding me to endure personal hardships and mistreatment without seeking revenge.

However, there is a sacred boundary when it comes to family. I honor the duty to rise and shield my loved ones from harm and disrespect.

Critics argue that this instinct contradicts my faith, accusing me of arrogance, aggression, negativity, and even outright evil.

It is easy for others to pontificate from a distance when their familial haven remains undisturbed by the sword of harm and the spear of disrespect. However, it is worth considering how they would react if their loved ones faced imminent danger. Would they not step up to defend them? Would they still condemn me for protecting my family, or would they begin to understand the depths of my commitment? How can one truly live their faith if they allow the mistreatment of their kin? Shouldn't the love and grace we preach extend to those closest to us?

Despite the criticisms, I remain steadfast in my dedication to safeguarding my family. I firmly believe that actions speak louder than words, and through the defense of my loved ones, I genuinely embody the essence of my faith.