Respect for Speakers

Encountering event organizers who invite you to speak without offering any honoraria, move the event after you have already cleared your schedule, demand that you provide a CV to prove your expertise, as well as sign an agreement promising to deliver a high-quality presentation that is engaging, informative, and relevant to the theme, can be incredibly frustrating.

Speakers who offer their time and expertise, especially when they do so pro bono, deserve respect and should not be expected to jump through endless hoops to justify their worth or sign agreements that place the entire burden of the event's success on their shoulders. This behavior is unacceptable and disrespectful.

It's important to remember that speaking engagements require significant time and effort in preparation and delivery. Speakers are often experts in their fields and have spent years honing their skills and knowledge. To expect them to provide their services for free and demand excessive requirements is unfair.

Furthermore, the demand for a CV or other proof of expertise is insulting and belittling to the speaker. It suggests that the organizer does not trust the speaker's ability to provide a quality presentation. Instead of focusing on credentials, organizers should prioritize creating an environment where speakers can share their unique perspectives and insights.

Event organizers must respect the time, effort, and expertise that speakers bring to the table. Instead of treating them as exploitable commodities, they should recognize their importance and offer appropriate compensation and respect.