True Experts

True experts understand that knowledge is not a finite resource to be hoarded and guarded but a boundless sea of possibilities to be explored and shared with others. Those who discourage and intimidate others from learning and growing are self-serving gatekeepers seeking to maintain their relevance at the expense of others' potential. To suggest that common knowledge is too complex or inaccessible for anyone to grasp is not only disingenuous but insulting to the countless individuals who have achieved greatness through hard work and determination. Those who pretend to be experts in a field they barely understand are nothing more than charlatans, peddling ignorance and fear to prop up their fragile egos. True experts are defined not by their mastery of a particular subject but by their willingness to share their knowledge and empower others to thrive. They understand that by doing so, they enrich the lives of those around them and lay the foundation for discoveries and innovations that benefit society and promote the greater good.